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Bali Kecak Janger Dancer Women


Wooden Statue
Balinese Style
Wood Carving

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Wooden Statue
Balinese Style
Wood Carving

It is believed that the Janger dance was started by women farmers, who sang joyously in groups as a way to entertain themselves and relieve their exhaustion from a long day’s of fields work. This developed into a dance and became a means to meet young men from other villages. The general theme has now revolve around the initial romance of young couples. Imparting the classic tales of Arjuna Wiwaha and Sunda Upasunda.

Handcrafted by I Wayan Ardhana
Origin: Bali
Form of Kecak Janger Dancer
Carved neatly and uniquely suitable for interior decoration

Material: Crocodile Wood
Size Height: 30 cm
Size Width: 6 cm
Size Length: 14 cm

Dimensions 14 × 6 × 30 cm


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