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Bali Legong Dancer Hand Fan


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Wooden Statue
Balinese Style
Wood Carving

The Legong Dance is perhaps the most graceful of Balinese dances. It is performed only by young girls 8-12 years old (after reaching puberty the girls usually stop performing this dance). Three girls perform the dance,two Legongs and an attendant. With their lithe bodies, the dance tells the tale of a princess called Rangkesari. The Legong dance is one of famous icon representing the Island of God called Bali.

Handcrafted by I Wayan Ardhana

Origin: Bali
Form of Legong Dancer
Carved neatly and uniquely suitable for interior decoration

Material: Crocodile Wood
Size Height: 29 cm
Size Width: 6 cm
Size Length: 11 cm

Dimensions 11 × 6 × 29 cm


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