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Rama and Shinta with Spike


Wooden Statue
Balinese Style
Wood Carving

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Wooden Statue
Balinese Style
Wood Carving

Rama-Shinta Symbol is identified as a symbol of Welfare and Harmony and has meaning. Besides that, the statue also reflects the beauty of Balinese culture, also full of philosophical meanings of life, upholding and defending the truth. Rama-Shinta is a symbol of prosperity also symbolizes a wise leader so that people are healthy.

Handcrafted by I Wayan Ardhana
Origin: Bali
Form of Rama Shinta
Carved neatly and uniquely suitable for interior decoration

Material: Crocodile Wood
Size Height: 40 cm
Size Width: 9 cm
Size Length: 20 cm

Dimensions 20 × 9 × 40 cm


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